Casa Quebrada Treehouse

Getting to live in a treehouse would be a childhood dream come true. The problem is, most of the treehouses we spent time in as a kid were vastly undersized and unequipped for actually dwelling. So, while we’d still like to live up in the canopy, we have a few necessities that we just won’t do without, such as a bathroom, power, and – if we’re being completely honest – sound design. Thankfully, Casa Quebrada by UNarquitectura has everything we could hope for and more.

Located above a creek bed in the heart of Chile, this split-level cabin is elevated by a series of pilotis – also known as pillars – and is accessible only by bridge, giving it both a gorgeous view of the surrounding woods and just the right level of isolation. The slope of the hill required that the architecture adapt accordingly, so the house features a split that naturally separates the bedrooms with the more public and open living room. The entire abode comes together as both a whimsical getaway and practical space that we would love to have the chance to call home. [Purchase]

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