Caavo Streaming Box

We’ve heard it a million times already; we are living in a golden age of television. Whether it is on cable or streaming through one of our many subscription services – we all have access to lots of truly great shows. But this glut has brought with it a problem. It’s almost impossible to navigate through all of this content seamlessly. That is something that Caavo pledges to fix.

This sleekly designed box is built to solve the puzzle that is your array of subscription services. With 8 HDMI ports you can plug all of your devices into the wooden and glass switchboard, and it will automatically recognize and organize each device. This means that when you use Caavo’s universal remote to request a specific show on Netflix or a favorite television channel, it will take you there without any hassle. And due to the fact that this smart little box allows for third party assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to be called on via a mic in the remote, you don’t have to deal with any buttons at all. This means no futzing around with HDMI 1, 2, and so on in order to binge watch Stranger Things. Caavo┬áretails for $400. [Purchase]

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