Woolly Bear Adventure Trailer

Not everyone can drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on a full-scale adventure vehicle. But that doesn’t mean that only those that can afford one like long-form vehicle-based expeditions. Luckily, if you can’t trade in your daily driver for a beefy RV, you can still get out in the great out doors with some of the same trappings. That is, if you have a relatively capable vehicle and you get yourself the Woolly Bear adventure trailer from TAXA Outdoors.

This versatile trailer is light enough to be towed by, so the brand claims, any 4-cylinder mode of transportation. Which is all the more incredible when you consider its features. They include a full-sized camping kitchen, compartmental gear and food stowage space, and an open air cargo bay (for things like propane tanks or jerry cans). And it doesn’t stop there. The roof doubles as a cargo bed for all your larger gear (like bikes, skis, boards, etc.) or it can house a rooftop tent. That way, if you’re camping out somewhere damp or rife with dangerous wildlife, you can be sure you’re sleeping in a safe above-ground area. You can to contact the brand to get a price and find a dealership. [Purchase]

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