Monte Rosa Hut By Bearth & Deplazes Architekten

Situated near the Swiss town of Zermatt – an area that lies below the iconic Matterhorn peak – is a five-story wooden cabin designed by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten. It sits atop upon the Monte Rosa massif on one of the few ice-free locations in the nearby mountain range at an altitude of almost 10,000 feet.

It all began as a research project of the Swiss Alpine Club and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. And what began as a research endeavor eventually became what is now known as one of the most complex wooden buildings Switzerland. Out of the five stories, the lowest level serves as a designated communal area with the bedrooms located in the above levels. There’s also a cascading spiral stairway and large open windows for views of the breathtaking mountain range is resides within. The cabin is also known for its self-sufficiency, hosting large solar panels allowing the home to harness 90% of its power from the sun. Water is also attained from the massive glaciers surrounding the home, which is then filtered and stored in large tanks on site. Now if there were only a Whole Foods nearby.

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