Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Ok let’s be honest. Ergonomic desktop keyboards are ugly. Big, curved, and with their blocky keys, they don’t quite inspire admiration in the same way their slimmer counterparts do. Thankfully, it looks like this unfortunate trend may start changing with the new Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.

Featuring a double cushioned Alcantra leather palm rest and a beautifully curved keyboard geared to a more natural body geometry, this thing sets itself apart form the pack in that it manages to balance comfort with attractive looks. When you order the Surface, it comes with 2 triple A batteries installed, and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection that is good for up to 32 feet away from your computer. Along with the great design and good looks, this thing is also built to last. How long? Well each QWERTY key has been rated for up to 10 million actuations, while the Hot Keys have a 500,000 actuation long life. So go ahead. Write that novel. You can pick one up for yourself for $129. [Purchase]

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