Micro Cabin By LEA Architects

The best part about the winter is that you have an excuse to be a bit of a hermit. People don’t raise their eyebrows at you when you honestly, for the first time since last winter, tell them you plans consist mostly of sitting at home and reading a book. And if ever we have seen a building designed for doing just that, it is this Micro Cabin by LEA Architects.

Just 98 square feet in size, this stark black wood cladded home stands alone in the forests of Ontario, Canada. With only a wood burning stove and a thick glass sliding door that serves as the only window into the cabin, residents are free to do little more than tuck themselves away from the constant buzzing, ringing, and roaring of the outside world and just sit and watch the snow drift down around the pines. Designed by Larocque Elder Architects to function as an off the grid getaway, this cabin has no electricity and no plumbing. Just quiet. If only we could find a way to pipe that into our everyday lives.

Photo: Ana-Pietje Du Plessis

Photo: Ana-Pietje Du Plessis

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