Emko Pill Wall Mounted Desk

If living in small apartments has taught us anything it is the importance of finding creative ways to save space. A foot here and a foot there can go a long way to making a limited floor plan feel more manageable and out of all the desks out there, the Pill Wall Mounted Desk by Emko may be among the best at doing just that.

A kind of modern secretary’s desk, this work space fits flush against the wall when you need room to move around, and folds out when you are ready to put your nose to the grindstone. More than just a surface to work on, this Lithuanian designed desk also features shelves on both the top section and lower two sections in which you can store important notes, files, and books. To top it all off, the Pill also boasts integrated sockets and LED lighting for power and light when you end up burning the midnight oil on those harder projects. Hang one on your wall for $2,200. [Purchase]

Emko Pill Wall Mounted Desk

Emko Pill Wall Mounted Desk 3

Emko Pill Wall Mounted Desk 2

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