DutchWare Chameleon Hammock

This might seem like an asinine thing to say, but the one big draw back to most hammocks is their lack of versatility. Sure, they’re typically very comfortable to relax in and more than a few on the market offer things like mosquito netting, but that’s about as far as it goes most of the time. When it comes to a real outdoor sleeping option, they’re nearly always outdone by the number of good tents that exist. Well it looks like tents’ days are numbered, thanks to the creation of the DutchWare Chameleon Hammock.

Billed as “a full-featured hammock designed from the ground up,” the Chameleon is a pretty impressive achievement. It’s made from a 6-way unique ripstop gridded Hexon fabric that’s light, strong and extremely comfortable. This modular hammock also comes with two optional covers – a bug net and a vented proprietorially-designed ARGON 90 cold weather top cover – which allow you to use it any time of year and in nearly any conditions. DutchWare also plans to release more modular attachments – like storage pockets – in time. The patent-pending zipper system also allows you to attach the covers in any direction, so no matter which way you choose to lay, you can easily get in and out and zip the Chameleon up. They’ve also included a unique tie-out tether system that helps ensure the flattest lay possible and it easily attached or removed via D-rings and snaps. The Chameleon Hammock retails starting at $215. [Purchase]

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