Custom Nerf Guns by JLCustoms

If you had a toy gun when you were a kid – there was a high chance you either painted it to look like a real one, or really really wanted to but were foiled by your reasonably cautious parents. Even though you may be older and wiser, it doesn’t mean that seeing a tricked out Nerf gun isn’t any cooler. Case in point, JLCustom Creations Custom Nerf Guns.

This Etsy seller not only offers up incredibly well painted and modded Nerf guns – something he refers to as ‘aesthetic mods’ – but JLCustoms also gives buyers the option of getting the inside of their Nerf guns totally tricked out. It’s pretty common knowledge that with enough tinkering and playing around anyone can improve the speed and distance of the shots they squeeze off from their guns, but JL has taken it to another level. Depending on which gun you purchase from him, you can expect upgraded batteries for power sources to double the performance, full internal lubrication, internal lock removal, and upgraded motors. Yeah. We know. Our inner kid is freaking out, too. Prices start at $277. [Purchase]

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