Arthur’s Cave Cabin By Miller Kendrick

If we could hibernate for the entire winter, we’re almost positive that we’d choose to do it in the Arthur’s Cave Cabin by Miller Kendrick Architects.

This award winning design celebrates the beautiful and harsh Welsh landscape by incorporating locally sourced materials into a striking and unique structure. The exterior of the cabin is clad in slate off-cuts from surrounding areas, giving it a stony and harsh look reminiscent of monoliths, cromlechs, and caves. On the inside, however, one gets the impression of something warm and almost alive thanks to the undulating CNC cut birch faced plywood ribs. It is from here that the occupant can look out through the full width sliding glass door onto the scenery. Of course, because building a cool looking hotel just isn’t enough for Miller Kendrick Architects, they also plan to use local sheep’s wool for insulation and a wood burning stove for heat. All things said this is a cave that even Plato would’ve enjoyed sticking around in.

Arthur's Cave Cabin By Miller Kendrick Architects 2

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