2017 Taxa TigerMoth Camper Trailer

Fact: long-form camping can be incredibly enjoyable, especially if you’ve got an RV. Recreational vehicles, however, are not tremendously practical for everyone. They’re large and basically purposeless when they’re not in use. And they’re also extremely expensive. If you want numerous benefits of owning one, but you don’t like all the drawbacks, Taxa’s TigerMoth Camper Trailer is a superb substitute.

With a silhouette befitting garage storage, this 900-pound trailer is light enough that it can be towed behind most 4-cylinder vehicles. That means, when you want to disappear for a bit, you can do so behind the wheel of your daily driver. And while it is small, it’s still incredibly capable. For instance, it comes equipped with built-in electrical, LED lights, power outlets, water, and can be fitted with solar panels. All told, it can be loaded with enough juice and H2O for more than 7 days off the grid. And the NASA-inspired storage system, roof rack, built-in toolbox, pull-out kitchenette drawer, and 12 inches of ground clearance all ensure that you’ll be ready and able to handle the trip, as well. [Purchase]