2017 Rimac Concept One

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Croatian vehicle manufacturer Rimac Automobili was announcing their 1,088 horsepower all-electric Concept_One. So it seems a little bit weird to be hearing that same vehicle model making waves around the automotive world again so soon. That is, until we found out why. It appears that Rimac has decided to update their already crazy electric hypercar for the new year. Behold the 2017 Rimac Concept_One.

Using the same all-wheel drive system that was used in the original iteration, they managed to up the horsepower to 1,224 by upgrading both the power train and the onboard software. And while it sill has the same top speed of 220 miles per hour, it can now go from 0-62 in just 2.4 seconds and get over 186 mph in about 14 seconds. But don’t worry – all that power is still mitigated by their Torque Vectoring system, which checks the quad wheel-motors at a rate of 100 times per second to keep the car under control.