2017 Ducati SuperSport

Whether you’re out on a weekend cruise around town, hitting the highway for an extended vacation, or commuting to work every day, the new Ducati SuperSport will get you there with flair. Known primarily as a sporting bike manufacturer Ducati is attempting to bridge both comfort and performance into a single road bike for those who ride religiously but not professionally.

The goal here is riding pleasure, and with a twin cylinder Tertastretta 11° engine putting out 113hp there’s little to be upset about. Complement that with a single-sided swingarm, sculpted tank, a lateral silencer, and daytime running lights with LED technology, this Ducati is a sportbike at heart with the comforts of a daily rider. The SuperSport also boasts an adjustable Plexiglas screen to ensure the right aerodynamic protection at high speeds and an ergonomic seat to help the rider adopt a more relaxed riding position. Ducati also included three riding modes (sport, touring and urban) for enhanced personalization. However, if something a bit more sportier is what you’re looking for, Ducati also offers a SuperSport S. Prices are yet to be released. [Purchase]

Ducati Supersport 3

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