2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max

Two is company, three is a crowd, and four is a party. Or at least that seems to be the way Can Am was thinking about things when they rolled the brand new Maverick X3 Max out into the desert for the first time early this year.

This four person flagship vehicle from the brand offers up all of the sophistication, power, and dynamism that their two-seaters do. Much of this is thanks to the large power plant located on the rear of the chassis. The turbo charged three cylinder Rotax Ace can pump out 154 horses at 7,500 RPM and 113 pound feet of torque through a QRS-X CVT transmission, making for a vehicle with power to match its size. For stability and control while rocketing you and three partners in crime around the desert, the X3 Max is fitted with Front A arm suspension and state of the art FOX shocks. Outside of these core specs – much of this off-road vehicle is customizable. There are three different models of the X3, each with a wide number of different accessories ranging from seats to the types of suspension. Whichever you pick, this thing is sure to be a blast out in the open country. Prices start at $25,000. [Purchase]