Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table

Add a bit of magic to the living room. This coffee table levitates nearly two inches above its base. It’s glass, constructed using the latest in engineering feats, and works to tie the room together with more class and flair than any rug found at your local Bazaar.

Dubbed the Teles Taxidi (Perfect Journey) and developed by Siren Design Studios, it’s all made possible thanks to two rare earth magnets. In harnessing the strength of these powerful magnets, the upper part of the table floats as the two magnets are balanced perfectly over one another. They’re held in place by 1,000lbs test Kevlar cord and the cable system allows the magnetic forces of the metal to be leveraged against the glass top. It’s sturdy, hosts intriguing mechanics, and will certainly draw the eye at the next swanky cocktail party you’re sure to host on occasion if you have the means to purchase such a piece. Available now for $30,000. [Purchase]

Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table 1

Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table 4

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