Oak Linen Sofa

Of all household furniture, couches are probably the most underrated. Often we will find ourselves walking into a friend or colleague’s home and discovering some puffy leather eyesore sat dead in the center of their living room. And that confuses us because, next to perhaps the bed, the couch is usually the most used furnishing – even moreso than a dining table. As such, we generally like things that meld the stylish, the durable, and the comfortable, like the Oak Linen Sofa from NUTSANDWOODS.

This gorgeous piece of furniture features a minimalist base that is carved from over 100-year-old solid oak, lending it both strength and beauty. The cushions that rest upon the base are made from natural linen and stuffed with incredibly soft and light down. Made entirely in Germany, the end result is a handsome sofa that will last for years and offers the kind of comfort that will make you rethink ever getting up. Which shouldn’t be a problem as the couch was, in the words of the brand, “built for eternity.” The Oak Linen Sofa is available in multiple sizes and starts at $2,975. [Purchase]

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