Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit

If you’ve watched Gundam Wing, Power Rangers, or Pacific Rim, chances are that you’ve fantasized about running around in a gigantic mech-suit. Well, thanks to the South Korean team at Hankook Mirae, you could get a chance to do just that in the Method-2 Robot Suit.

The product of two years of work and nearly $200 million in investment, this 13 foot tall 1.5 ton gigantic robot is built to fit one pilot in the cockpit and traverse through territory deemed too dangerous for humans to pass unprotected. Who knows what that kind of terrain could be – maybe unexplored jungle, or maybe even the DMZ along South Korea’s northern border. As of right now, pilots can make ‘baby steps’ with the robot and have full operational control over its two arms. The team of 30 engineers (and seasoned Hollywood designer Vitaly Bulgarov) working on this project have estimated that they’ll get this robot fully operational by the end of the year when it will go for $8.3 million. [Purchase]

Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit 2

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