Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Lantern

Having a solid mini flashlight on hand can make a real difference while in the woods or just in daily life. Out of all the options out there for folks to pick from, one of the real standouts in our mind is the Goal Zero Lighthouse micro lantern.

This USB rechargeable lantern fits easily onto your backpack or keychain. With the flick of a button it can illuminate your camp stove while you try and get it fired up, or the door to your apartment as you search for the right key. No worries about this thing in the rain. Thanks to an IPX7 waterproof rating it is good to go for as long as 6 hours on full, and 14 on half. Once you do run out of all the juice you need, you can charge it up via any mini USB connection. Not bad for a keychain lantern. Not bad at all. Prices are set at just $20. [Purchase]

Lighthouse Micro USB Rechargeable Lantern 1

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