Aurora Borealis Bubble Sled

If you’re going to make the bone-chilling journey to the arctic circle this time of year to view the Northern Lights you might as well do it right. And what better way to view one of the best light shows on earth than out in the elements, alone in the tundra, with nothing but a simple appreciation of the natural world?

It’s all possible through this Aurora Bubble Sled, an experience like no other based out of Kilpisjarvi in northern Finland. You and a guest will both enjoy an amazing experience, towed around in a totally enclosed and heated sled. There’s a large window in the rear, overhead, and in the front to offer full 180-degree views of the sky. Two circular windows on the side doors also provide substantial views as well. And if you and your partner are feeling particularly adventurous, you can even opt to be dropped off for the night. Booking starts at $1,500. [Purchase]

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