Audi Layer Desktop Keyboard

In our ever-expanding computer-dependent lives more and more of us find ourselves typing and emailing during our waking hours. So when industrial and product designer Jarim Koo wanted to streamline the Audi name, reputation, and style into an everyday item there was one option: the keyboard.

Dubbed the Audi Layer, Koo’s design is undoubtedly futuristic in appearance. The goal here was to simplify the tech into one elegant piece, which was accomplished though this 4-in-1 keyboard functionality. It comes with a flat track pad that also doubles as a tablet when the stylus within the piece is activated, or if typing is more you style simply slide the track pad out to reveal a brilliantly engineered keyboard. Adjacent to the keyboard, Layer’s sleek mouse ready at a moment’s notice to web browsing or research. The whole piece is adorned in matte gray with the Audi branding visible on the mouse. If this is the future of PC keyboards then, by all means, bring it on.

Audi Layer Desktop Keyboard 5

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