Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent

Purposed as both an indoor and outdoor enclosure, shelter, or place of reflection within a secluded landscape, the Armadillo Tea Canopy boasts a design unlike anything we’ve seen before. Perfect for a weekend away in the wilderness, for pavilion-like performances, or just taking an afternoon luncheon with the neighbors.

Each Canopy tent is comprised of five molded shells fixed together via modular components that allow the interested party to make the canopy as large or small as possible. It’s designed to be a free-standing piece, eliminating the need for third-party anchors (i.e. trees) and the shells are finished with a variety of offerings from oiled plywood to PVDF-coated timber composite. Additionally, all the shell fixings, foot brackets, and structural stiffeners are made from brass and bronze. It’s certainly an interesting concept in the design world from architect Ron Arad. Time will tell if it catches enough traction to make it into production.

Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent 2

Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent 3

Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent 4

Armadillo Tea Canopy Tent 5

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