Nyko Miniboss Wireless NES Classic Controller

In an unexpected and astounding move, Nintendo recently announced that they would be releasing a plug-and-play console jam packed with retro classic games. Now, with the release of that console – the NES Classic Edition – looming on the horizon, gaming peripheral manufacturer Nyko has taken it upon themselves to right what is perhaps the only oversight of the upcoming console: no wireless controllers.

Appropriately dubbed the Miniboss, Nyko’s NES Classic Edition controller closely resembles the original console’s remotes, but offers the ability to play wire-free from up to 30 feet away. Simply plug the included dongle into your NES Classic Edition console, pick up the Miniboss, and play from wherever within eyeshot of the TV is most comfortable. And that’s all there is to it – no extra hassle, no stress involved. With a release date coinciding with the release of Nintendo’s plug-and-play gaming system, the Miniboss is available for pre-sale now for just $20. [Purchase]

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