Image editing software has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Unfortunately, we still seem stuck to the keyboard as our main way of interacting with programs like Adobe Lightroom. Why exactly? We’re not sure. But we do know that a small company out of Finland is looking to change that with something called the Loupedeck.

This control panel lets you quickly and easily adjust all of your images in Lightroom in a more ergonomic, intuitive, and streamlined manner. Say goodbye to trying to learning (and failing to remember) shortcuts on your keyboard. Everything from your highlights to exposure and vibrance can be adjusted with the spin of a wheel or touch of a button. You can even program preset buttons on the panel to apply your presets. Want to adjust hue, saturation, or luminosity? Just select and use the large scrolling dials to adjust. While it may seem like a complicated piece of equipment to set up, getting this going is really just as easy as plugging it in via the 2.0 Type A USB cable. Editing all of those big batches of photos just got that much easier. Prices start at $475. [Purchase]

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