Kobi Yard Work Robot

Everyone is all freaked out about the possibility of robots taking our jobs. While there are some real downsides to getting beat out for that raise by a cyborg, there are some signs that the future isn’t going to be all that Terminator-ey. Introducing Kobi, the yard work robot.

Think of this thing as a Roomba that is built to take on all of your least favorite yard-work chores. The main unit of the device features a highly efficient brushless motor and runs on a re-chargeable lithium ion battery and connects to three different modules – one for cutting grass, another for raking leaves, and a third for shoveling up all that snow. When it comes to the white stuff, Kobi is particularly good. It connects with weather forecasting sites so it can get out and scoop up the snow before it gets too thick. Also, thanks to a smart GPS technology in the main module, Kobi learns the perimeter of your own yard so you won’t have to worry about it flying off course. Prices are yet to be announced. [Purchase]

Kobi Yard Work Robot

Kobi Yard Work Robot 1

Kobi Yard Work Robot 2

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