BMW HP4 RACE Motorcycle

BMW has a long and storied history in the motorcycle world. In fact, the brand has produced some of the best bikes ever to have hit the road. Apparently, however, there’s always room for improvement. Bavarian Motor Works has just announced their “most exclusive BMW motorcycle of all time,” the HP4 RACE.

Although they have revealed very little about the specifications of this upcoming bike, we do know a few things. For starters, it will feature carbon fiber rims and a full carbon fiber frame. It will also likely be a very limited manufacturing run that will commence sometime toward the end of 2017. For any more information, we’ll have to wait until spring of next year. If the renderings are to be believed, however, this street cycle looks to be one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.

BMW HP4 RACE Motorcycle 01

BMW HP4 RACE Motorcycle 02

BMW HP4 RACE Motorcycle 03

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