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If you’ve ever tried whiteboard brainstorming, you know that, while it can be a messy endeavor at times, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Sometimes it just helps to get everything out there in front of you visually – making it easier to organize group thoughts into a single cohesive idea. Well, Google – a company very well known for their groundbreaking collaborative efforts – has a new product to vault old-school brainstorming into the modern world: the Jamboard.

This addition to the company’s newest line of hardware is about as close as anyone will ever get to revolutionizing the whiteboard. Working in conjunction with the entirety of Google’s G-suite cloud-based software, the Jamboard is a multi-user interface and home-base platform for collaboration. The physical device features a plug-and-play 55″ 4K touchscreen monitor – which works via hand-gestures and the included battery-free styluses and digital eraser – mounted upon a wheeled base for easy transportation. Users can also connect to the device and, by proxy, the workspace from anywhere in the world on any Android or iOS device and work in real time. The device will retail for $6000 when it hits the market in early 2017. [Purchase]

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