Exploded Samsung Note 7 iPhone Skin

Samsung has not had what we might call a good year. Between their initial wave of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, the discovery that their suggested fix didn’t actually work, and then the subsequent production shutdown of their supposed iPhone killer, things have been less than ideal. By contrast, Apple is having another wildly successful year. And if you are a viciously avid fan of the iPhone and perhaps some kind of troll, Uniqfind has a product that will help you rub salt in the wounds of any Samsung users you might come across.

This iPhone skin, which has been designed for every iteration from the 5 upward, will give your perfectly functioning Apple smartphone the fa├žade of an ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, burns and all. And since each of them are printed by state-of-the-art printers on 3M Controltac backed laser cut skins, your mean-spirited iPhone costume can be applied easily, offers maximum hold, and wont leave behind a sticky residue once you’ve removed it. Pick one up in the format of your choice for just $25. [Via]

Purchase: $25

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