Auction Block: Wayne’s World 1976 AMC Pacer

Never would we have thought about covering a 1976 AMC Pacer up for auction but then again we never thought the good old “Mirth Mobile” would be made available for purchase. That’s right, the cruiser that transported Wayne and Garth themselves, while keeping their ever-present craving for red licorice at bay, is ready for a new home.

Original modifications to the ’76 Pacer, including the original baby blue paint, tow hooks welded to the front subframe, 1/4” steel plates welded to the rocker panels for camera supports, the famous licorice dispenser, and original flame decals are all intact. It’s been restored in order to bring the car back to movie condition including re-chromed bumpers and wheels while the body was refinished with Nason base coat and clear coat to protect that precious blue color. The seats and headliner were also restored and all interior parts, including the dashboard, were refinished. The only part of the vehicle not from the movie happens to be the upgraded speakers and stereo, though we feel like Wayne and Garth themselves would totally approve of such an upgrade. I mean how else are you expected to blast Bohemian Rhapsody with your buddies? [Purchase]

Wayne's World 1976 AMC Pacer 2

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