ADV3NTURE Tactical Hoodie

We all have our go-to sweatshirts. Some we wear primarily out of sentimental value, others we throw on just because we think it makes us look good, and then there are those that are just useful as hell. The ADV3NTURE Tactical Hoodie is one of those.

This thing is meant to be a versatile camping and traveling companion. It has 9 zippered pockets for storing all of your essential gear, and can help make getting from point A to point B much easier thanks to a bevy of built in features. Chief among those is the padded hood that can fold down over your eyes, the ventilated arms to help regulate temperature, the integrated media pocket for your phone. Our favorite, though, is the sweatshirt’s ability to roll up into a comfortable pillow and snap shut. Sayonora, long, uncomfortable flights. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget to mention that the jacket also includes a pocket lined with neorprene that doubles as a beer koozie, and a zipper that can pop the top off of your favorite bottle of suds. Complete with 23 pockets in all, this hoodie crushed its Kickstarter goal raising over $1.8 million making it the most funded Kickstarter fashion project ever. You can order yours for $100. [Purchase]

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