Wave City Coffee Table In Matte Black

We’re all familiar with Cyprus-based Stelois Mousarris’ wave city coffee tables, his Inception-like design that feature a cityscape folding over itself. The initial collection was built out of wood, steel, and 3D-printing technology. It was quite the visual and conversation piece, drawing the eyes inward towards the table’s magnificent detail.

Now, Mousarris is back with a matte black version of ‘wave city,’ clearly a darker and more sinister approach to the design. In fact, upon closer look you could assume he’s paying homage to the old film noir movements of the ‘40s and ‘50s, a city ripe with crime, filled with cigarette-smoking detectives interrogating suspects in dimly-lit rooms. In terms of sheer aesthetic, this re-edition hosts a design with a stark contrast between light and dark, also offering themes of good vs. evil within this piece. It now features a steel frame, slimmer lines, and a look unlike anything Mousarris has ever done before. No word on pricing just yet. [H/T :Designboom]





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