The Firebiner

Carabiners can be wonderful everyday carry tools. They are an easy way to haul around your keys without dumping them in the bottom of a pocket and they often come with some other handy functions – most commonly, a built-in bottle opener. But, sometimes that isn’t enough. If your average carabiner just doesn’t quite have the survival element you’re looking for, you might want to pick up the Firebiner.

A functional multitool like many other EDC carabiners, this handy device comes equipped with a keyring slot for your keys, a utility/safety blade for making small cuts (like fishing line or paracord), a screwdriver tip, and – of course – a bottle opener. But, the Firebiner also has something that sets it far apart: a built-in slot for a replaceable ferro rod and an Everspark Firewheel. So, if you ever find yourself in a position where the sun is descending and you need to keep warm, you can make the sparks fly without the need for a bow drill or carrying around a lighter with you everywhere you go. When they go on sale, these handy fire-starting tools will retail for $15 a piece. [Purchase]





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