Repurposed Coin Guitar Picks

Most serious guitar players – with perhaps the exception of classical finger pickers – use some kind of plectrum (or pick, for short) to strum the strings of their instrument. The reasons for this are two-fold: it’s a lot easier than using your fingers and it helps shape the sound of the notes and makes them more prominent and bright. Most picks are pretty straight forward – made from materials like plastic and nylon – but these repurposed coin picks are something entirely different.

Made from either Liberty and Kennedy U.S. dollar coins or Tennessee and Washington quarters, these unique picks are guaranteed to be unbreakable through the course of normal use. They’ll also help add brightness to the notes played on an acoustic guitar and can infuse a unique intonation to electric instruments by interacting with the magnetic pickups. Hand-honed in Nashville, Tennessee – nicknamed the “Music City” – these picks, which cost $20-$25, are a unique twist on a classic guitar playing tool. [Purchase]



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