Racing Emotion Art Ball Chair

It isn’t everyday that you get to see something that intersects the worlds of Danish design, classic automobile racing, and mid-century furniture in one fowl swoop. These chairs from the French company Racing Emotion manage all of those things while still coming off looking smart and comfortable.

Each one of these balls are inspired by different classic cars – ranging from Herbie from the Walt Disney movie to the Lang Heck version Porsche 917 designed for the Hunaudieres straight. Made with care by two car designers from Le Mans, each one comes with a hand stitched leather interior and can be customized (stitching and leather color) depending on customer request. Whether you are looking to fully deck out your home with mid-century design or you are just a petrol head looking to get yourself a nice chair to kick back in after spending some time in the garage, this is a great pick up. Prices start at $5,000. [Purchase]

Racing Emotion Art Ball Chair 1

Racing Emotion Art Ball Chair 2

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