MWC Altimeter Wall Clock

Wall clocks don’t seem to get the love and attention they deserve. They’re seemingly ubiquitous, but rarely remarkable. The Altimeter Wall Cock from Military Watch Company, however, is an exception.

With a striking high contrast design around the face, this timepiece rides the line of being confident and striking without calling too much attention to itself. This is thanks in no small part to the design on the face that gives the clock the look of an altimeter. For durability and lifelong use, the clock is encased in a tough polycarbonate case and powered by a quartz movement. Ideal for those who don’t take kindly to the ticking of a clock, this one features a second hand that moves along the circumference of the face in a silent and smooth sweep. Prices start at just $39. [Purchase]

MWC Altimeter Wall Clock 1

MWC Altimeter Wall Clock 2

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