Line X Automotive Armor

Whether your car is confined to the ‘burbs or constantly rolling around in the sticks, there is a high chance that during the time you own it, your vehicle will get decently scuffed up. Stuff happens. Shopping carts go rogue. Storms knock down tree branches. You name it. Well, instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping it isn’t too bad, you can now come prepared with LINE-X Automotive Armor.

When we say armor, we really mean it. This stuff is so strong that the U.S. Government uses it on their buildings to help protect from bomb blasts. While that’s a cool fact to share, it isn’t how LINE-X made their name. The brand first became well known as a company that lined truck beds with their incredibly tough polyurea spray. Folks fell in love with their special matte lining that both protected from scratches and dents¬†while also¬†locking out moisture. Now LINE-X is making it so you can cover more than just your truck bed in the stuff. Whether your car is made from aluminum, steel, or even fiberglass you can get a custom coat over the entire body to help keep a buffer between your car and all the wild stuff that could happen to it. Prices vary. [Purchase]



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