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If you are like us, you’ve likely spent a good deal of time daydreaming about what it would feel like to be truly weightless. Maybe you have a bad back you want some relief from, or you simply are jealous of astronauts and fictional characters in films and t.v. – either way, this Elysium Chair may be the closest us earthbound folks will ever get to knowing what it feels like to float.

At first glance, this chair may look like any other, but in reality it is the result of well over a decade’s worth of work by one man, Dr. David Wickett. Way back in 2002 he set out to build a chair that would defy gravity. Fourteen years and one PhD later, it looks like he has done just that. The chair starts with a carbon fiber skeleton built to the specifications of an equation written by Wickett that defines posture and gravitational force. On top of that frame sits a series of upholstery springs that work with the frame at specific points to support discrete areas of the body. Covering those frames is a viscoelastic foam that provides even further support and pressure relief, especially when the chair is rotate on it’s hinges from an upright position to the 25 degree, and 50 degree angle. More simply put, the thing makes you feel like you’re floating in space. Unfortunately, the prices are as sky high as the space station, but if you can scrounge some dough up you can get your hands on this for $26,000. [Purchase]

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