Camp Cards

One of the better parts of camping is getting away from all of the technology that permeates our everyday lives and spending some real quality time both with nature and the people who venture along. But sometimes you need a little entertainment to get you through those internet- and electronic-free days. Playing cards are one of the most basic and classic forms of entertainment out there, but they generally aren’t any more helpful than that one basic function – until now.

With illustrations by 1924US and in conjunction with the folks at Bradley Mountain, Dan & Dave bring us these Camp Cards. With clever and simple artwork that speaks to the natural world, these cards are more than just your standard 52-piece deck. They also come with an extra card that outlines the various ways that this deck can be used in survival situations – such as using them for tinder or folding one in half to make a kind of makeshift knife. And while that may be a little tongue-in-cheek, each deck comes equipped with a match-strike slip on the side of the box, so you don’t have to struggle with your matches in order to get that campfire started. These clever decks retail for just $10. [Purchase]





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