2017 Peugeot 3008 DKR

Following their January and July wins in the Dakar and Silk Way rallies, respectively, Team Peugeot Total and Red Bull have unveiled their next racing successor, the 3008 DKR. This vehicle, which is based on Peugeot’s newest upcoming SUV of the same numerical denomination, stays true to the brand’s philosophy that a vehicle doesn’t necessarily need 4-wheel drive in order to take on even the gnarliest stretches of terrain. It also boasts a few notable improvements upon its predecessor, apart from the drivetrain and obvious aggressive styling.

For starters, the company claims that their win in Dakar gave their engineers the ability to increase the reliability of both their vehicles’ mechanical strength and electronic processes, fine-tuning them to the nth degree. They’ve also increased the drivability of the SUV’s 3 liter V-6 twin-turbodiesel engine – offering greater torque at lower revs. The geometry and dampers of the vehicle’s suspension have also been tweaked to better suit the changing terrain of both cross-continental races. And they’ve even added air conditioning, so their racing team doesn’t have to suffer beneath the heat of the sun during their 12-hour long racing stretches. The 3008 DKR will face its first test in the Morocco Rally, starting October 3rd of this year.





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