11 Ravens Avettore Ping Pong Table

If you like to play tabletop games like pool, cards, table tennis, or any of their more boozy cousins – like beer pong or king’s cup – but the tables currently in your possession just aren’t opulent enough to satisfy your taste in exotic luxuries, today is your lucky day. Los Angeles-based manufacturers of high-end game tables, 11 Ravens, have announced another entry in their catalog of customizable furniture: the limited edition Avettore.

Made from your choice of a combination of lucite and leather, a variety of different solid woods with your choice of color accents, or whatever other combination you come up with that you’re willing and able to pay for (the brand boldly claims that they can “further customize your table in any way you wish”), these tables can be equipped in a standard dining platform, as a billiard table, or for our favorite – ping pong. You’ll have to contact 11 Ravens yourself for any other information, including price, but you’ll appreciate the purchase (likely a more than $70k investment) the first time you lay the beat down on your billionaire buddies. [Purchase]

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