Wilson X Connected Football

Analytics and big data are changing the way we think about everything from how we work, to how we fight, and now even how we play backyard football. Just recently Wilson has announced the release of the X Connected Football, a pigskin that can measure everything from your distance to spiral efficiency.

Now, after playing a spirited game in the park, you and your rival quarterback can pour over game summaries on an accompanying app that shows distance thrown, number of balls dropped, and even average velocity. The one downside to this thing is that it won’t run forever. It’s good for up to 200,000 or so throws, but after that it’ll turn back into just a regular ball. If you are a gadget geek, an analytics nerd, or a no-joking around quarterback looking for new ways to improve your game, it’s likely that you’ll get your money’s worth out of this thing well before then. To sweeten the deal, when you preorder one of these balls (set to ship in early September) you’ll also get a copy of Madden ’17. Retails for $200. [Purchase]

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