Surf-Ace Table by Duffy London

As surfing continues to become more and more mainstream we’re witnessing the sport, both literally and figuratively, make it further into our homes. The Surf-Ace Table by Duffy London takes the more literal route here with this handsome collection of tables that uses the same techniques used in old surfboard manufacturing to give homeowners and guests alike a surfboard-esque dining table.

Each Surf-Ace Table boasts the classic balsa wood design that once came to characterize some of the first surfboards ridden by the ancient Hawaiians. And not only do these tables offer notions of nostalgia but also an appreciation of fine craftsmanship thanks to their smooth curves and treated edges. It’s hard to believe each table’s been cut from only one piece of wood, which you can see for yourself as you glide your hands across the piece. It’s available is multiple sizes, finishes, and various types of wood from the Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests. Simply provide Duffy London with your own personal preferences and they’ll get started immediately. Prices start at $23,600. [Purchase]

Duffy London Surf-Ace Table 1

Duffy London Surf-Ace Table 3

Duffy London Surf-Ace Table 4

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