Split Grain Lamps by Paul Foeckler

Furniture is one of the few things that puts more emphasis on form rather than pure function. For lack of a more precise term, furniture is art that helps you live more comfortably. Paul Foeckler’s Split Grain series is a perfect example of a piece of furniture that crosses that line from designed tool to work of art.

The makeup of these lamps is relatively simple. Each are made from foraged pieces of wood stripped of bark split evenly in the middle, and lit up by bulbs embedded in the base of the lamp. Like most well designed pieces, however, they become much more than the sum of their parts. Subtleties in each piece of wood come alive when given space to breathe and light to draw contrast. The qualities already natural to wood get heightened. If you have a love for the outdoors, or simply an affinity for well designed pieces of furniture, then these may be for you. Prices range from piece to piece, but generally range from $350-$2,450. [Purchase]

Split Grain Lamps By Paul Foeckler 1

Split Grain Lamps By Paul Foeckler 2

Split Grain Lamps By Paul Foeckler 3

Split Grain Lamps By Paul Foeckler 4

Split Grain Lamps By Paul Foeckler 5

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