SetaTac Touch 1K Flashlight

Calling the SetaTek Touch 1K a flashlight would be doing this handy piece of equipment a serious disservice. Though it is a compact and waterproof flashlight, the Touch 1K also functions as a phone charger and a lantern, all in one sleek and slim design.

An interesting feature on this flashlight is its smart touch screen, one of the first of its kind, and hosts the same battery that’s used in TESLA cars, allowing the light to last for over a week on a low setting. It boasts up to 1,067 lumens on high, features a cutting edge lantern cap, built from military-grade aluminum, and also charges your phone via a USB charger. It’s ideal for any type of recreation activity from camping to high adventure to even keeping you safe at night. Keep it handy in your backpack or around your neck thanks to the Touch 1K’s thumb grip and a hole for a lanyard. It’s currently available for reservation on Indiegogo but will retail for around $125. [Purchase]

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