Having a backup plan for when you head out into open water is never a bad idea. Let’s say you want to go out for a SUP session or feel like tooling around in a kayak for a while but suddenly the weather turns sour. Usually you’d be stuck relying on someone else to bring you in, but with the ScubaJet – you can get back to shore safely thanks to a little bit of help.

While this is primarily billed as a backup for those who love stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing, it can just as easily turn your favorite exercise into a leisure activity. Use is relatively simple thanks to a bevy of adapters that make it easy to attach to a whole line of small vessels. Once the jet is attached under a board or boat, users can control it via an intuitive remote. With up to 90 minutes of power in its battery, you can skim around to your heart’s content. Prices are expected to be set at $890. [Purchase]

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