Playstation Now For PC And Mac

Now that increasingly powerful PCs have made their way onto the market and gaming companies have found a sustainable way to stream popular titles, consoles could be on their way out. One sign of this seems to be the announcement of Playstation Now Wireless Adaptor.

This little Dual Shock 4 USB wireless adapter will allow subscribers of PlayStation Now to access up to 400 games via their Mac or PC laptop. Instead of worrying about lugging that expensive console along with you on a business trip, you just have to remember to bring along a controller and a small USB stick and you’ll be good to play everything from Ratchet and Clank to The Last of Us. While this by no means is a replacement for a console, it is hard not to think that this may be the first step in a longer journey away from those expensive pieces of hardware. When this is released on the first of September you can grab one for just $25. [Purchase]

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