NOBULL Camo Trainer

NOBULL is a no gimmicks athletic brand focused on delivering tough and capable training shoes that don’t promise to make you faster thanks to some ‘revolutionary technology’. If that sounds like an appealing brand to you, then you should take a look at their Camo Trainers.

While you won’t find a whole lot of over-engineered features on this shoe, you will find that it is good looking enough to wear outside of the gym while still being tough enough to hit your hardest workouts. These Camo Trainers feature a multi-surface outsole built to work well on anything from a rocky trail to the inside of your gym, sidewalls constructed with high carbon guards for extra protection, and a breathable and mud-resistant upper. In addition to repelling mud, the seameless one piece upper features SUPERFABRIC, a material tough enough to resist barbed wire and snake bites. Yeah. Snakebites. All in all, these are great for those who know that when it comes down to it all that matters in the gym is you, a good pair of shoes, and a whole lot of sweat. Get a pair for $160. [Purchase]

NOBULL Camo Basic Trainer 1

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