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At the risk of sounding like a cranky old man, the ability to communicate through the written word is widely taken for granted these days. When explorers like Lewis and Clark set out to write about and record the American west, they had to bring more than just pencil and some paper with them. The reason that we still have the detailed records they took down while in the field is at least in part due to tools like the Best Made Field Desk.

Thanks to a partnership Best Made Co. forged with Gerstner & Sons, a wooden tool-chest manufacturer based out of Dayton, Ohio, and illustrator Ross MacDonald, this vintage writing implement is being reintroduced to the world. Made from kiln dried American cherry wood, this fold-out desk features two storage compartments, a red-leather writing area, and brass components across the surface. Like most all pieces put out by Best Made Co., this thing seems to walk the line between art and tool, and is priced accordingly. Pick yours up for $1,850. [Purchase]

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