Auction Block: 2014 Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Back in 2013 this Lotus C-01 began as a computer rendering but soon caught the attention of the bike world for its ground-breaking body shape in conjunction with the respected Lotus name. It’s the first time Lotus has its name affiliated with a motorcycle, and since the concept was sketched out by former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon who was responsible for the Tron Legacy Lightcycles, it’s not surprising why this bike has garnered so much attention as of late.

Only 100 of these futuristic-looking bikes were produced, and this is the only one available in North America. Its engine is an 1195cc liquid-cooled twin pushing out 200 horses housed within a steel, titanium, and carbon fiber frame. The chassis is highly notable as well, featuring 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear suspension, upside-down Sachs forks, and a 12-section carbon fiber shell. The wheels are also built from the super light material thanks to South African specialists BST. So if you’re sitting on close to a half million dollars and interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind bike, it’s slated to hit auction August 18-20 in Monterey, CA. Best of luck.

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