Zore X Gun Lock

One of the toughest issues with gun control is toeing the line between responsibility and oversight. It’s been an ongoing issue for years and it appears that private enterprise is now trying their best to assist in the issue themselves. Meet Zore, a startup that’s currently crowdsourcing funds for their X Gun Lock, the mechanism that offers superior gun safety without compromising accessibility.

In short, the Zore X is a lock shaped like a cartridge that offers tampering alerts for your gun and works to prevent unauthorized use all while providing you with quick access when needed. It works through a lock system and responds to a personalized pin code. The lock can even be affixed to a semi-automatic firearm with ease, and it activates when pressing a button on top while unlocking by turning a dial on the side of the piece. Pin codes can range from as little as two numbers to longer and more complex codes. It also connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to allow push notifications when the gun experiences unauthorized use. Current reservations start at $95 and the first shipments are slated for February 2017. [Purchase]

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