Wedgewood Damascus Steel & Bourbon Barrel Ring

There are two options a jeweler has when putting a piece together; you can either use a material as a straightforward design element, or you can use a material that tells a story and helps create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Wedgewood Rings’ Damascus steel and bourbon barrel wood ring goes with the latter option.

More than anything else, these rings are unique. Each one is individually made by a single artist based out of Denver, Colorado, making it so every one that Wedgewood sells is slightly different from the last. Consisting of a twisted damascus steel pattern laid over the buyer’s choice of wood sourced from a whisky barrel, each one has a totally different motif. For even more personalization, those who order get the choice of having the interior of the ring made from barrel wood sourced from distillers ranging from Maker’s Mark to Suntory Yamazaki. Due to the hybrid epoxy finish sanded up to 12,000 grit, the wood is both water and soap-proof and incredibly glass-like so there are no worries of damage over the years. These pieces are labor intensive, so much so that the one man operation making them can only make 4 a month. Prices are set at $535. [Purchase]

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